the year i got to travel the world

an ode to 2017...

from africa to london to costa rica and 41 flights in between, this was the year i got to travel the world. it didn't just happen overnight though. i'm not really sure how it happened to be quite honest. but what i do know is i serve a God who is good and this whole path of life that i'm on would not be possible without Him. so let's rewind.

i started off this year living with my family in los angeles, california. with a desire to gain independence and seek more out of life, i decided to spontaneously (and i mean super spontaneously) move to portland, or. i had never been to portland, i hardly knew anyone in portland, yet for some reason i thought it was a good decision. and it was. so on march 2nd of 2017 i found myself packing up my life into my prius and driving north.

i can't exactly explain why moving to portland changed my life, but it did. i was faced with tons of new feelings and experiences, ones that forced me to lean on God in ways that i never had before. and that has made all the difference. i decided i wanted to be someone who lived passionately, experienced as much i could, and share said experiences with anyone who would listen. boy oh boy did God answer those prayers, because about a month after i moved to portland i found myself with job opportunities in california, costa rica, canada, washington, and chicago...and this was all just in the first month. so i took them all, of course, and from that spiraled what would be my craziest year yet. 

don't worry though, i won't bore you with the intimate details of my travels. but what i would like to tell you is that no matter what path of life you are on, no matter your age, circumstances, hopes, or dreams, you have the ability to chase after whatever it is you set your heart and mind to. we have a God who listens to and answers prayers in the right time and right place, and He has the adventure of a lifetime waiting for you. i just know it.  so i encourage you in this new year upon us to reach higher, dream bigger, love deeper, explore farther, and enjoy this incredible journey we call life. there's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. 

before i go, i'd like to take a moment to reflect on some of my favorite achievements and memories of 2017. thanks for coming along for the ride. here's to more adventures!

- my goal for this year was to go to 3 countries...i went to 7

- i got to work with some super incredible brands, companies, and organizations, like LUSH, Adobe, Apple, Education Cures, and more

- i've formed some really awesome know who you are

- i finally built up the courage to jump off a cliff for the first time

- i traveled through europe with my best friend 

- i went on a sea plane...scariest thing of my life btw!

- i got to work with Adobe and Apple on a mobile editing initiative in NYC — probably my peaking moment

- i learned how to play the ukulele

- i conquered my fear of water and went white water rafting

- i moved four times...ok maybe this one isn't a proud accomplishment. but i now live in my own apartment, so that's pretty neat!

- i spent halloween in paris and thanksgiving in africa...AFRICA

- i saw God do incredible things in the lives of so many people around me, and that is the best thing of all

i could honestly go on forever about what an insanely cool year this has been. i feel so blessed to have been given these inspiring opportunities and am forever grateful for every individual who has believed in and encouraged me throughout this year.  i love you all. ok, now here's some photos of the fun times!