what's in my camera bag?

what's in my camera bag? i get asked this question quite often, so i thought it was about time i let the camera out of the bag! (get it, like the saying "cat out of the bag" but, camera! because it's a camera...nevermind.)

ANYWAY, this is going to be a quick post about what gear i have in my camera bag! 

i recently stumbled upon this cool website called KIT where anyone can make a digital "kit" of items under just about any category! since travel + photography are my main passions, i figured i would keep it to just those things. so below is my "camera bag" kit with every item that i typically keep in my bag at all times when i am out shooting or traveling! i wrote little descriptions for each item on why i like it and why i would recommend it, so have fun reading those!  i plan on updating this frequently so definitely check back often to see new additions to my bag. :) oh, and i made a few more photography related "kits" on my page, so definitely check those out as well!

if you guys have any of the same products as me or end up purchasing one, OR have any recommendations for me, let me know on twitter so we can be camera gear twins! :P 

ok, that's all for now! talk soon my loves!

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