springtime in portland with earth shoes

let’s talk sustainable fashion! for those of you who are unfamiliar, sustainable fashion refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops (100% cotton, linen) or recycled materials. it also refers to how these fabrics are made, where they are made, and how the hands who prepared them are cared for.

there is something so special in knowing that the garments you wear were made with your wellbeing and the planet’s wellbeing in mind. recently i had the opportunity to go on a little shopping trip with earth shoes, a responsibly made footwear company. from their shoe materials to their recyclable glue-free shoe boxes, this company is doing things right and i am so excited to support that!

i went to a cute boutique store in portland called imelda’s, which had such a wonderful array of shoe brands, bags, and accessories! also the cutest bandanas that i may need to head back in for! i started out by pulling one of every earth shoe from the shelves so i could find the perfect pair. being that i am a huge fan of warm, earthy tones, i naturally gravitated towards these green heeled sandals and adorable wooden clogs! trying them on around the store had me sold in seconds, as they were both SO comfortable. like walking on a squishy cloud. couldn’t decide between the two so i decided to get both!

the store staff at imelda’s was so super helpful from the moment i stepped into the store to the moment i checked out. it truly makes a shopping experience that much more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by individuals who are passionate about what they do. earth shoes even had these cute little reusable tote bags so i could carry my shoes out of the store without having to use a single use shopping bag that i’d end up tossing out at the end of the day. earth shoes is a company truly committed to keeping our planet clean, which i admire so much!

if you are in the market for some fresh new shoes for the warmer season ahead, and want to do your part by choosing to shop consciously, look no further than earth shoes. :) if you are in portland, i would certainly suggest popping into imelda’s shoe store on hawthorne to try these on for yourselves. you will seriously be soo impressed! earth shoes also has an extensive online collection. life is a little sweeter knowing that our purchases are not only helping to build a sustainable wardrobe, but also helping companies like earth do their part in the sustainable fashion industry. since 2015, earth has partnered with trees for the future to plant over 480,000 trees! if that doesn’t make ya smile, then put your screen away and go step outside to enjoy our planet earth!

thanks so much for reading and hearing a little bit of my heart and thoughts on sustainable fashion! if you have any questions or are curious to know more, send me a message on instagram. i’d love to chat! :)

until next time,

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since it was such a lovely spring day, i couldn’t help but wear my new shoes out and about to give them a little test! wore these strapped heels and was truly so blown away by how comfortable they were.