how to navigate disneyland as a vegan

disneyland — everyone’s favorite childhood memory, sweet nostalgia, and pure happiness all wrapped up into one magical space. growing up, i was a frequent disney goer being that i grew up an hour away from the park in florida. it wasn’t until recently, however, that i started to notice some of the incredible wonders that keep disney going. from recycling the parks’ power, a 270 acre solar farm in florida (which is bigger than the park itself), and even a food waste composting system in disney paris, this empire is no stranger to conscious choices. however, i frequently struggle with fueling myself whilst at the park, being that i stick to a plant based diet. it can be tricky to navigate mainly because i don’t know if there are alternative options for me amongst the churros and turkey legs that seem to stick out in the crowd. that is, until my most recent trip, where i set out to discover what disney snacking dreams were really made of, and i was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. below is a list of just a handful of the parks’ cuisine that was vegan friendly and of course, so tasty.


starting it off with a classic, the mickey mouse pretzel. no egg or dairy, which means it’s totally vegan friendly. a favorite of mine for sure!

the “blue milk” drink at the new star wars land. i’m not much of a star wars fan but i did quite enjoy this beverage! the milk is a concoction of coconut and rice milks, such a win for all of us non-dairy folk. it comes in a plastic cup (bummer), but they do have a plethora of bins labeled for recycling!

these are said bins. you can find them all over the park. i love that disney is making a conscious effort to be mindful about waste in the park.

the cozy cone eatery. i have visited here numerous times and always walked away empty handed, as the main dishes are mac & cheese, beef chili, and ice cream. however, i took a look at the finer print on the menu to find that there was a vegetarian chili upon request — what a win! it naturally comes in a breaded cone that’s made with egg, so if you’d rather opt out, you can simply let them know you are vegan and would rather have the veggie chili in a cup instead. so stoked about this one.

dinner time! this is probably my favorite find yet. carnation cafe on disney’s main street has a completely vegan burger, complete with drool-worthy seasoned fries + a delicious vegan chipotle aioli. a must visit if you are looking for a heartier meal. tip: get a side of veggies too! broccoli and cauliflower for days.

vegan dessert? yes please. the iconic disney pineapple dole whip is in fact vegan! no dairy, just blended pineapple (and i’m sure some sugar too). big fan of this, it’s so tasty and incredibly refreshing if you’re visiting on a warm day.

all in all, i was a very happy camper this disney trip and even had a small bite of a churro, despite it’s lack of vegan-ness (shhh). i’m truly so thrilled to know that big empires like disneyland are realizing the diversity in lifestyle choices and are accommodating to all types of people. i hope this gave you some insight for your next disney adventure and if you stumble upon any more vegan goodness in the happiest place on earth, please let me know!


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