workspace makeover — in collaboration with bed bath & beyond

greeeeetings earthlings! 

i hope you all are enjoying your week, i know i am! since i have been super busy traveling for the past few months, this week has included tons of emailing, editing, writing, scheduling, and just a whole lot of sitting at home! being freelance and working from home can be super tricky sometimes, because it's so easy to just work on your couch or your bed, which can feel messy and unorganized! work day in your pajamas?! if you're a freelancer, i know you totally get what i'm saying!

that said, it's been one of my goals this year to have a more organized workspace, which is why i am super excited to be collaborating with bed bath & beyond for this journal post! we recently teamed up together to do a little workspace makeover and i am so pleased with the outcome! from editing photos on my couch to working in this gorgeous new corner of my bedroom...i'd say it's been a pretty great upgrade! i've linked all of the items below, so if you're feeling like being twinsies on some office space furniture, check 'em out!

Verona Home Gemma Mid Century Desk in White                                                              Modway Invite Dining Side Chair in Tan

i am so in love with the mid century modern look and feel of all of these products, and they match perfectly with my natural and earthy home decor vibe! bed bath & beyond has such a diverse furniture assortment and so many fun styles and items to choose from, so i truly believe there is something for every every category...and beyond! see what i did there? overall, i am super happy with my purchases and i would LOVE to see some photos of your workspaces! i'm always gaining new inspo, so send some photos my way! especially if you get any of these products! anyway, i should probably get back to planning out my life now! :P

thanks for reading! let me know on instagram if you guys would be interested in a tips on freelancing / working from home journal post! i think that's something i'd love to talk about! until next time...

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