two days in banff national park

banff national park in alberta, canada has been on my bucket list basically since i was born, and about two weeks ago i decided to take a road trip there to spend two days in this magical land! now, a thirteen hour drive each way for a two day trip might seem a little crazy, but it was honestly so so worth it! between sleepless nights and chilly mornings, getting lost with no phone service and views so incredible they look like something out of a dream, banff national park was definitely one for the books! in case you are ever in alberta, some of our favorite places on the trip were moraine lake, peyto lake, emerald lake, johnston canyon, and the icelfields parkway! i'm not going to write too much on this one, so i'll just let the photos speak for themselves!

thank you to my friend aaron for making the trek with me and for taking such amazing photos! also thanks to my new friend melina for meeting up with us whilst there! can't wait to go back to banff ASAP! 

i'll leave you to photo scrolling now! but if you ever have the chance to go to banff national park, do it.

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