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A few weeks ago, I caught a super cheap flight to NYC — I’m talking $200 RT from Portland. Crazy! Couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so I ventured to the East Coast with two gal pals of mine, Daktota and Elle. This was one of the few times I have been on a girls only trip, and it was so enjoyable! 10/10 would recommend. We were only together for about three days, but we certainly made the most of it, exploring tons of new local eateries, sights, and shops. Being that we all are pretty plant based when it comes to diet, we got to spend all our hard earned money at the most delicious vegan spots. Some of my trip highlights below!



We split our time between The Park Central Hotel near Central Park and an Airbnb in Williamsburg. I loved being able to spend some time in Manhattan and get the full NYC experience at The Park Central. It was so convenient to come back to after long days of walking around, and there’s just something about falling asleep to the sounds of nightlife in New York City! If you’re looking for an easy, wholesome stay, check out The Park Central!


Could truly go on and on about New York’s incredible cuisine, but here are a few places we ate that really stuck out to me!

Le Botaniste (The prettiest french eatery with a 100% plant based and gluten free menu. You can’t order wrong here, but I had the Tibetan Mama bowl and I ate it so, so quick.)

Divya’s Kitchen (Divya is an incredible chef with a gorgeous, dimly lit restaurant in Manhattan. Her food style is Ayurvedic, from an Indian background, and provides a holistic sense of wellbeing based on what foods are paired together. Our meal here was truly so magical and again, was able to order off a 100% plant based menu. I got the vegan mozzarella plate, ginger mint limeade, carrot risotto, and pistachio fudge. Needless to say, I barely made it out of here without filling myself to the brim with Divya’s delicious creations. This is a must stop in NYC and I very much look forward to returning some day!)

By Chloe (Always a favorite whenever I visit NYC! Their plant based menu is so tasty and their vegan mac & cheese with coconut bacon is one of my favorite things on the planet. Could truly consume it by the gallon! They have a few locations around the USA, so definitely find your nearest location and go go go!)

Screamer’s Pizzeria (I LOVE pizza, but finding good vegan pizza can sometimes be tricky! Screamer’s pizza did not disappoint! I stumbled upon this little spot one night whilst running through the streets of Williamsburg in the pouring rain. Desperate for shelter, I found my new favorite vegan pizza in New York. I even went back a second time! Their white pie and buffalo cauliflower is somethin’ else!)

La Cafette (The holy grail of brunches in Brooklyn, the best avo toast in NYC, and a delicious strawberry smoothie. Need I say more? Some pals of mine enjoyed the eggs and salmon benedict too, for those of you non-veggie eaters out there! Get here early or make a reservation, as it’s pretty popular, but so worth the wait! Also I knocked over a very beautiful ceramic bowl and it shattered to pieces so if you go here please tell them that I am still very sorry!)

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (Topped off almost every night in NYC with a trip to Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. They have both dairy and non-dairy flavors and they are all so tasty. They have locations all around Manhattan, so if you’re feeling in the mood for some sweet treats, treat yourself to Van Leeuwen!)

— Some other foods I consumed were at, The Grey Dog, Westbourne, Woops, FEED, and various pretzel stands around the city.

That’s about all for now folks! Thanks so much for reading! If you find yourself in NYC, let me know if you end up going to any of these places! NYC is so magic. Enjoy!

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I’ll be honest, New York City is a playground, and every street corner is a new adventure! Some of the best spots for photogenic views are Top of The Rock, the top of the World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan Bridge. My favorite places to hang out are Central Park for some greenery and leisure walking, and SoHo, as it’s the shopping meca of the century. Every store you could possibly want to visit is right within a few blocks from each other. I highly recommend taking a day to put your walking shoes on and shop til you drop! Or window shop, cause that’s fun too! I LOVE Williamsburg and highly recommend making a day out of just that area. So many cute local shops and cafés to discover. Overall, just waltz around the city and you’ll have the best time!