paris, france

ahhh paris, what an incredibly beautiful city. there is something so magical about this place, and you can just feel it when you're there. i think out of all the places we went, i miss paris the most. i really hope to go back soon!

some highlights for me were the architecture, the cafe's, and the alleyways (if you read my london blog, clearly i have a thing for alleyways). i was so in awe of every building i saw in paris. just thinking about the fact that someone made all of the intricate details of each structure is honestly mind-blowing. if there's one thing you do in paris, it should just be walking around & taking it all in! it will not disappoint!

my favorite places we went were obviously the eiffel tower, the louvre, palais royal, montmartre, arc de triumph, the river ahhhh so many places! we spent every sunset at the eiffel tower, and it just got even more beautiful as time went on! pro tip: if you wait until it gets super dark out after sunset, the lights on the tower twinkle for five minutes on the hour. truly so magical.

we ate at a lot of random little cafe's and restaurants that i don't particularly recall, but honestly there are so many little hole in the wall places in paris, you're bound to find something! although a few places that stuck out were strada cafe (such a cute exterior), cafe pinson (this one's for all you vegans out there), and amorino (best vegan gelato everrrr). i also for some reason ate a lot of falafel whilst in paris, which was all fantastic!

ok i'm going to stop talking now & just share some photos!

paris, you have my heart. <3