mount hood weekend getaway

hello humans! 

i hope your week has been off to a grand start! my days have been super busy, filled with lots of planning and emailing for future projects that i am sooo excited about! in the midst of all the business of life, i think it is so important to take a minute (or two) and step away from the hustle to simply just exist and enjoy. it is in these "in between" moments that i am able to recharge and be re-inspired by the world around me. 

this past weekend i decided i needed a little inspiration, so i booked an airbnb in the mountains, grabbed a few friends, and headed out to mount hood, oregon. the cool thing about this trip is that although we only went for about a day and a half, because we weren't worried about emailing and planning and all of those other tedious (yet oh so fun) daily tasks, we were able to pack in so much fun and relaxation that we left feeling super refreshed and creatively motived. that said, i wanted to share a few images i captured from the trip and hopefully encourage you guys to step away from the screens once in a while and explore this beautiful planet we live on. i promise you won't regret it!

until next time,

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