london, england

#iendedupineurope...this is the hashtag david & i came up with for our two week european adventure. three countries spread across fifteen days, lots of new experiences, new friends in each place, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

i am splitting up the blog posts by country, because i have way too much i want to share! first up is england (london & brighton) with david & becca.

this was my first time heading this far east on the globe and may i just say, i am absolutely in awe. the rich history that is so visually evident in places like london and brighton, england is sure to capture the heart of just about anyone who visits! my absolute favorite part about london was just wandering around finding cute alleyways and ivy covered walls to shoot with! also, the accents. definitely a big fan of the accents. brighton, on the other hand, was so fun and beachy and reminded us soo much of the santa monica pier in california — seriously, such a resemblance! 

some of my favorite places we ate whilst in london were kin cafè (great avocado toast!), honest burger (try the rosemary chips!), farm girl cafe (such a cute aesthetic & again, great avo toast), and coppa club (really cool waterfront restaurant with a view of tower bridge...doesn't get any more london than that!). we only ate one meal in brighton as we only visited for the night, but we ate at this adorable little pizza place called pizza express. they even had vegan pizza, what a blessing! 

my favorite areas we explored in london were knotting hill & shoreditch. so cute and heart was so happy!

we also had the opportunity to partner with the st pancras hotel, which was literally a castle! it had such a cool vibe & definitely felt like hogwarts, for all you harry potter fans! also, it is attached to the main train station in london, so it's super convenient for travels and once again, literally feels like hogwarts (platform 9 & three quarters, anyone?). definitely recommend this hotel for a unique experience! also, the breakfast buffet in their chambers club is a 10/10. was truly the highlight of every day! haha!

all in all, england was everything i had ever hoped it would be. from the cobblestone streets, the trains out to the countryside, to the incredible fashion scene, i truly enjoyed my time here & i plan on going back as much as possible!