first time in hawaii!

greetings my friends and happy new year!

i hope your year is off to a good start and you are feeling refreshed for the season ahead! one of my biggest goals for this year was to be INTENTIONAL with just about everything, from the purchases i make, ways i spend my time, projects i take on, and so much more! one of the biggest things for me is rest. i really want to make it a priority and set aside time for rest this year. it’s so important for life balance and always leaves me feeling recharged! that said, zach and i decided to book a little new years trip to hawaii to start off the year with some much needed REST. of course we explored the island a ton, but we also laid on the beach and read books, did lots of aimless walking around, ate tons of yummy food, and spent some super relaxing time in the hot tub. below are some photos from the trip along with locations of places we loved so you can join in the fun next time you’re in oahu! enjoy!


we stayed at the alohilani resort the entire trip & it was such a wonderfully peaceful time! honolulu can be a bit busy since it’s a huge city, but our hotel was right on the waterfront, with an exceptionally beautiful view of the ocean, so it felt like we had our own little oceanic oasis! the pool deck is amazing too, and it has an infinity pool (that alone should sell ya on it). they were so kind to offer us a stay in exchange for some images and social posts, so while this is technically sponsored, all of my statements are true, i love this place!!!


it is no secret that i looove vegan food! although since zach isn’t vegan, we don’t tend to go to a ton of vegan only spots — usually a mixture of places that have food for a typical diet, plus some veggie options. so if you’re not living the vegan lifestyle (or if you are), you’re in luck! all the places we went are fun for both diets! hawaii has so much yummy food, we seriously didn’t know how to fit all the places we wanted to go into our short time on the island — but here is a list of some of our favs! the photos below are of my two favorite spots we went to: the lighter side cafe, hale’iwa bowls, 1979 hawaii, and arvo!

— ARVO (breakfast, avo toast, smoothies)

— hale’iwa bowls (acai bowls…the best!)

— the lighter side cafe (lots of vegan & non-vegan options. probably our favorite meal of the trip!)

— maguro spot (our fav shaved ice)

— morning brew kaka’ako (breaky, yummy tofu scramble)

— beetbox cafe (our fav breakfast at this vegetarian restaurant!)

— goofy cafe (breakfast, only one veggie option, which is an acai bowl!)

— highway inn (dinner, not too many veggie options, but still very tasty & wildly popular!)

— rainbow drive in (zach loved this place for traditional hawaiin food, no veggie options though!)

— SALT at our kakaako (literally sooo many yummy spots in this little cluster of eateries, you will not be disappointed)

— poké bar (i loved this place, sooo good)

— 1979 hawaii (pineapple stand on the side of the road! BEST smoothie!)


my absolute favorite part of any adventure is exploring the local lands! we visited so many rad places on the island that i don’t even have photos to share of all of them! however, zach put together an amazing video from the trip with footage from just about everywhere we went! below are our favorite spots we explored as well as some photos! :)

— laniakea beach (sea turtles & massive waves)

— yokohama beach (our fav beach for relaxing, pretty free from tourists!)

— hoomaluhia botanical garden (a jungle jem in the middle of the island. a must see!)

— paiko flower shop (attached to the ARVO restaurant & an adorable place to shop local)

— china walls (fantastic sunset views on a cliff on the edge of the island, we loved this spot!)

— mermaid caves (if you go at low tide, you can walk inside the caves, so neat!)

— kaiwi shoreline at makapuu (a peaceful hike with beautiful views of the coastline!)


all in all, we absolutely loved this island. there was soo much we didn’t get to explore so we will definitely be making our way back hopefully sometime soon! before i go, i’ll leave you with a few tips that we didn’t really know but wish we had before going!

— honolulu has really bad traffic. we spent at least one hour in solid traffic every day either leaving or coming back into the city, so try to drive at off-times

— the north shore is the place to be. a lot of tourists but it was my favorite place! definitely spend a lot of time there

— get suggestions from locals, they know best!

— it rains a lot and isn’t always sunny!

— parking in some places is coins only

— it is a little pricier than the continental USA. some meals for both of us were $50, or for example i paid $17 for a poke bowl…yikes!

— it’s the coolest place, and you’ll never want to leave! ;)

thanks for reading! until next time,

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