intentional bedtime routine

good evening (or morning or afternoon) my friends! comin’ at ya live from my cozy bed while sipping on some chamomile tea and burning my golden coast candle. heading off to sleep in a bit here, but wanted to pop on and chat about this new clean sleep spray i’ve been using from This Works, which i picked up at Ulta Beauty during their 21 Days Of Beauty event (which is still going on by the way, until the 21st of september)! the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray features natural essential oils like lavender and chamomile which elicit a calming aroma for a peaceful nights sleep; plus this clean aromatherapy spray is made without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. just a few sprays on my pillow when i climb into bed and it sets a calming tone to help me wind down at the end of the day. seriously a new favorite part of my bedtime routine, right after cleansing my skin and right before zach and i list things that we’re grateful for. i love adding small, intentional practices into my nightly routine and this is the perfect add on! they even have a little travel size roll on that i’m going to be taking with me on my trip next week, cause we all know how tricky it can be to have a solid night’s rest when in unfamiliar spaces. i think this will be so perfect to pack in my carryon!


having an intentional bedtime routine is so important in allowing your body to shift into into a calm mindset and unwind from the stresses of each day. my days are usually filled with tons or screens and running errands, so being able to set my phone in another room, sip a cup of tea, and breath in the calming scents of the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray leaves me feeling at peace for the day’s end, and refreshed in the morning. now, i don’t know about you, but i always wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of night — so annoying. however, ever since i started spraying a few pumps of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray before bed, i have been sleeping the whole night through! crazy. i know. all in all, i would encourage you to be intentional about your personal time before bed. it makes a world of a difference, so be sure to check out this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray online or in store at Ulta Beauty.

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how to navigate disneyland as a vegan

disneyland — everyone’s favorite childhood memory, sweet nostalgia, and pure happiness all wrapped up into one magical space. growing up, i was a frequent disney goer being that i grew up an hour away from the park in florida. it wasn’t until recently, however, that i started to notice some of the incredible wonders that keep disney going. from recycling the parks’ power, a 270 acre solar farm in florida (which is bigger than the park itself), and even a food waste composting system in disney paris, this empire is no stranger to conscious choices. however, i frequently struggle with fueling myself whilst at the park, being that i stick to a plant based diet. it can be tricky to navigate mainly because i don’t know if there are alternative options for me amongst the churros and turkey legs that seem to stick out in the crowd. that is, until my most recent trip, where i set out to discover what disney snacking dreams were really made of, and i was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. below is a list of just a handful of the parks’ cuisine that was vegan friendly and of course, so tasty.


starting it off with a classic, the mickey mouse pretzel. no egg or dairy, which means it’s totally vegan friendly. a favorite of mine for sure!

the “blue milk” drink at the new star wars land. i’m not much of a star wars fan but i did quite enjoy this beverage! the milk is a concoction of coconut and rice milks, such a win for all of us non-dairy folk. it comes in a plastic cup (bummer), but they do have a plethora of bins labeled for recycling!

these are said bins. you can find them all over the park. i love that disney is making a conscious effort to be mindful about waste in the park.

the cozy cone eatery. i have visited here numerous times and always walked away empty handed, as the main dishes are mac & cheese, beef chili, and ice cream. however, i took a look at the finer print on the menu to find that there was a vegetarian chili upon request — what a win! it naturally comes in a breaded cone that’s made with egg, so if you’d rather opt out, you can simply let them know you are vegan and would rather have the veggie chili in a cup instead. so stoked about this one.

dinner time! this is probably my favorite find yet. carnation cafe on disney’s main street has a completely vegan burger, complete with drool-worthy seasoned fries + a delicious vegan chipotle aioli. a must visit if you are looking for a heartier meal. tip: get a side of veggies too! broccoli and cauliflower for days.

vegan dessert? yes please. the iconic disney pineapple dole whip is in fact vegan! no dairy, just blended pineapple (and i’m sure some sugar too). big fan of this, it’s so tasty and incredibly refreshing if you’re visiting on a warm day.

all in all, i was a very happy camper this disney trip and even had a small bite of a churro, despite it’s lack of vegan-ness (shhh). i’m truly so thrilled to know that big empires like disneyland are realizing the diversity in lifestyle choices and are accommodating to all types of people. i hope this gave you some insight for your next disney adventure and if you stumble upon any more vegan goodness in the happiest place on earth, please let me know!


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five days in alaska

keeping this one simple and sweet because alaska’s beauty truly speaks for itself. this august, zach and i spent five days road tripping around anchorage, denali national park, and sitka. alaska has an old charm, with sweet air, and stunning views which left us ooing and ahhing around every corner. it was quite autumnal in late august so we were able to get a head start on the cozy vibes, our favorite time of year! we spent our time staying in cute airbnb cabins, sipping apple cider while hiking to various lakes, and visiting wildlife sanctuaries. we loved these sweet small cities so much and will undoubtably return in the future. photos below along with a few of our favorite places we saw, explored, ate, and stayed. zach also made a real cute video, which i’ll link at the bottom of this post. enjoy and until next time. ↠ a


stayed at the coziest, quaintest little cabin in anchorage, called The Mayor’s Cabin, which is on Airbnb and honestly a really good price for the amount of space. we loved our stay here SO much and will 100% stay again next time we’re in anchorage. the interior details were just too good.


anchorage and denali national park were such autumn dreams. we loved just hopping in our rental car, driving around, and stopping whenever the view was just too good. some places we loved were Hatcher Pass, Denali National Park, and Eklutna Lake.


this last set of photos is from our time in sitka, a little fishing town in the southern part of alaska. sitka really exceeded our expectations and ended up being way more fun and charming then we imagined. we spent every day strolling the town’s main street and exploring a plethora of local lakes and hikes. a few gems from sitka — Fisheye Cafe (lots of plant based and organic food, though not a vegan restaurant by any means), hike to Heart Lake, Alaska Raptor Center, Harbor Mountain viewpoint, and Fortress of the Bear for exploring, as well as Galanin & Klein and Old Harbor Books for shopping. really loved this simplicity of this little town and would recommend as a weekend getaway. we did all we wanted to do in just two and a half days while still feeling relaxed. :)


watch our alaska video below — enjoy


Visit Bellevue

a few weekends ago zach and i took a little trip up to bellevue, washington — a really adorable city just east of seattle. our goal for the weekend was to relax and step out of our normal routine while also trying new restaurants and activities in a fairly unfamiliar city. zach has grown up in the PNW so he is no stranger to bellevue, whereas i, an east coast gal through and through had never really ventured to this part of the country. we spent our time exploring the beautiful surrounding nature and dining at wholesome restaurants day in and day out. going to list a few of our favorites from our trip — enjoy!


we spent two wonderful nights at the AC Marriott, a LEED certified hotel in the heart of bellevue. the staff was so sweet and accommodating throughout our stay, and the hotel had a calming, minimalistic atmosphere. they even put out little lavender packets in the lobby every evening to take up to the rooms for a peaceful night’s rest! a few things we loved about this space — the hydration station — i cannot even count how many times i’ve stayed in a hotel and been so thirsty because there was nowhere to fill up my water bottle with clean, filtered water. the AC Marriott had a station on every floor. love their dedication to eliminating single use plastic bottles! they also use linen napkins in their restaurant so as to avoid wasting paper ones, and are a part of Marriott’s “Make a Green Choice” initiative, allowing guests to earn rewards points by choosing to reuse their towels and refuse daily linen refreshing in the rooms. just a few wonderful things to admire about this space. would certainly stay here again!


first on our list was Araya’s Place, an all vegan thai restaurant serving up just about every thai dish you could ask for, but plant based. a true win for me (and zach liked it too)! we went for lunch so we were able to try their lunch buffet. you heard me right, all-you-can-eat buffet style thai food. needless to say, i may or may not have gone back for seconds of the yellow curry and vegetable spring rolls! so delicious. loved this bright atmosphere and can’t wait to stop here again on our next visit to bellevue!

we had two really lovely dinners during our time in bellevue, our first night’s taking place at Central Bar + Restaurant, a classic american style tavern. we sat in a private U shaped booth and sipped mocktails (anyone else about that zero-proof life?) in the dimly lit atmosphere. for our main dishes i got the buddha bowl with an abundance of fresh vegetables and delicious honey dressing, and zach got the fish and chips. a few cool things we noticed about this restaurant — they don’t use plastic straws when serving drinks or cocktails, and they use leftover water from finished tables to water their plants. what an incredible use of water that would otherwise be poured down the drain. definitely going to be implementing that in my own home!

our second dinner was spent at The Lakehouse, an upscale farm-to-table style restaurant in downtown bellevue. we had the most pleasant experience trying their fresh, local produce and sipping on tasty zero proof drinks. the staff was so well educated in the world of sustainability and shared about their work with Sounds Sustainable Farms and Cedar Grove Compost. knowing this restaurant focuses on sourcing local and organic as well as composting made me enjoy and respect my meal so much more. we ate a plethora of tasty dishes but my favorite, an absolute phenomenon — the warm corn soup. i am dreaming about enjoying this again. would probably drive to bellevue just for this soup. 10/10 would recommend The Lakehouse.

last but certainly not the least, we enjoyed brunch at Jujubeet, a plant based and health conscious cafe serving warm and cold bowls, juices, smoothies, and some really delicious avocado toast. we enjoyed eating in such a bright and cheery atmosphere, and it was just a short morning stroll from our hotel too. i would highly recommend the avo toast on their tasty gluten free bread and the inflammation smoothie. seriously felt so good and set for my day after our stop here. can’t wait to return.


stepped a bit our of our comfort zones on this one and enjoyed a rather pleasant afternoon canoe ride along lake washington. we were able to rent canoe’s from the REI Boathouse at Meydenbauer Bay Park in bellevue, which was such a cool experience. we love REI and it was such an effortless process! signed a waiver, put on a lifejacket, and set out to sea…or lake, rather. we absolutely fell in love with this experience and have visited lakes near our home every weekend since, trying to set out on another canoe. will certainly be heading on another REI canoeing excursion again soon!

on our last day we took a drive about 45 minutes east of bellevue to a tranquil little nature spot called Gold Creek Pond. a very easy walking path around a beautiful blue pond is the perfect recipe for some fresh air. still can’t believe this is just right outside of the city. went there two days back to back because we loved it so much! should you find yourself in bellevue, i’d recommend packing a picnic and heading out to this gem for a peaceful afternoon or evening. filmed a little video there too, which you can watch here!

overall, our time in bellevue was relaxing and adventurous all at once, literally the best combination. we loved the cuisine and outdoors activities this city had to offer and truly look forward to returning again soon! if you visit any of the places i mentioned here, let me know on instagram, i’d love to see your adventure. :)

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Sustainable Weekend — Portland, Oregon

welcome to portland, i’m so glad to have you here! i have lived in PDX for a little over two years now and it has easily become one of my favorite cities on this earth! from the abundance of plant based cuisine to quaint neighborhoods and curated boutiques, there is so much to experience in this fun and rather small city. this is my first post in what i hope to be a series of travel guides helping you navigate new cities in a sustainable manor. in this post i’ll be featuring my favorite local places to visit in portland, oregon, should you only have a weekend to do so. shopping, dining, a little pampering, and more. let’s go!


i kicked off my weekend in portland by checking into the iconic and historic Ace Hotel, located in a neat area in downtown Portland. the Ace Hotel sits above the infamous Stumptown Coffee, which makes for a convenient treat in the mornings. i was even able to bring my tea mug from Stumptown up to my room, so as to avoid the single use to-go cups that always seem to be hanging around. the room has so many cozy details like a record player, old fashioned room key system, and a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub with a sliding wooden door that opens to the rest of the room. a literal dream. the Ace Hotel also has bikes for rent, which is such a wonderful (and sustainable) way to get around the city as it’s very cyclist friendly. on the sustainability front, the Ace uses up-cycled/recycled furniture for their interior needs, and refrains from supplying single use plastics in each room — no mini shampoos here folks. i think these are such wonderful initiatives and so thrilled to have a hotel in portland leading the way. if you are looking for an authentic stay, i can’t think of another place more prime than the Ace Hotel!


health + wellness are no strangers to portland. not only is portland an incredibly green city when it comes to the environment, but it is known for it’s abundance of health food stores, plant powered cuisine, and of course, wellness. one of my favorite places to refresh my mind and body is Barre3, a yoga/pilates/ballet bar studio which was founded in portland. you can find Barre3 studios all over the country, but i can’t help but be bias to the studios here in portland as this is where it all began. their classes are refreshing and push you in all the best ways! my favorite is the pearl studio, where these photos were taken at — the natural light makes working out so much more enjoyable. such a wholesome company with focuses on female empowerment and positivity. they also sell some seriously cute activewear by some of my favorite brands! it’s really easy to pop in for a one-off class, so i would certainly recommend Barre3 if you’re looking to loosen up after your travels to the city.

another local business that i admire so very much is the Blooming Moon Wellness Spa, portland’s first and only eco-friendly spa. from nail polish to facial ingredients, they use all natural, ethically sourced, sustainable products, which i LOVE. whether i am getting a manicure or massage, i always feel at peace knowing that everything that is being put on my body is free from harsh chemicals. the spa is located in a charming northeast portland home, converted into the business. with neutral tones, essential oils diffusing, and soft music, you are sure to feel zen from the moment you walk in. truly cannot recommend the Blooming Moon enough!

before your session, you are greeted in a beautiful and bright lounge with yummy herbal tea to sip on. on this particular day i went in for their custom sixty minute holistic facial + eyebrow waxing — the perfect treat after a travel journey or just when you’re feeling a little on edge. i met with Ashley Wagner, one of the four estheticians at the spa and she was so sweet. we had great conversation as she talked me through everything she was putting on my skin, which you can see in the image above! it was a tranquil experience with a dimly lit room, wonderful aroma, and soft music playing as i was getting my facial, which also included a relaxation massage of the neck, arms, and hands. sign me up.


portland has no shortage of plant based cuisine, and i might even say it is the best place to live with a plant powered diet. i could go on for hours about plant based eateries in PDX, but for now i will list a few that really stand out! first up is Virtuous Pie, an entirely plant based pizzeria serving intricate pizzas, amazing salads, and drool worthy vegan ice cream to top it all off. i recently popped in to try their new menu items and could cry tears of joy. i know i sound dramatic, but do yourself a favor and come taste for yourself! to leave no waste at the end of your meal, you can request that your pizza be served without parchment paper underneath. otherwise, they have a great landfill, recycling, and compost system in place. Virtuous Pie is conscious when it comes to the environment by sourcing compostable to-go cutlery/containers and donating excess food to Urban Gleaners, a portland based non-profit dedicated to keeping food waste out of landfills by giving it to those in need around the city. such wonderful efforts and such a sweet eatery.

the second eatery i would like to highlight is Canteen, a wholesome health food cafe serving plant based bowls, smoothies, and fresh juices amongst other things! i am such a fan of literally every item on the menu here — you really can’t go wrong. something that i love about Canteen, aside from it’s cute interior atmosphere and steamed kale (idk what they do differently but it’s just the best i’ve ever had), is that they serve everything in actual glassware when you’re eating in. i can’t think of another juice bar that serves you in real cups; it’s always a plastic to-go cup, lid, and straw regardless of if you are eating in or not. Canteen does it right and i really admire that about them! my favorite menu items pictured here — parfait with cashew cream, walnut taco salad, post standard juice, tropical greens smoothie, and E3Live shot for a little extra morning boost. but like i said, you can’t order wrong.

fun fact: canteen has a sister company called SIP, which is a small juice cart, located on NE Alberta Street. they also serve in real glasses when dining “for here”. for those who are looking to take on the go, SIP uses compostable cups and offers rewards to those who bring their own reusable items! i don’t know about you but i’m definitely signing up for that.


if you’re wanting to do a little shopping while you’re in town, i would make a stop at EcoVibe Apparel, located on NE Alberta Street. not only is EcoVibe a member of 1% for the planet (a neat charitable organization), they also make it easy to shop your values by labeling each piece with some key factors about the product and how it came to be. i personally am keen on clothing made with natural fibers, so i loved being able to browse and use the tags for reference! EcoVibe has mostly women’s apparel and accessories, but they do have a small men’s section as well. i was really drawn to this modal jumpsuit of theirs and put it to test at the beach…it is the softest, most comfortable article of clothing i have ever put on my body and i would highly recommend to any and all. i swear i felt better knowing how my clothing was made. love this shop and i hope you do too!

another local business that i absolutely admire is Seven Sisters, a boutique shop dedicated to consciously curating small brands with a focus on natural fibers, small batch ethical production, organic and natural products, and women owned brands. jillian, the owner, is so super sweet & curates the most beautiful products from apparel to natural skincare to really cool tote bags and compostable earrings — she is queen and this shop rules. i picked up some organic cotton, made in the usa intimates from Pansy Co, which i have been eyeing for sooo long as well as this 100% cotton tee from Le Bon Shoppe and really bold linen dress from Rachel Craven, also made in the usa. seriously could purchase just about everything in this shop with a smile on my face. if you are gal who loves all things natural and ethical, this is the shop for you.


one of my favorite things about portland is simply walking around and enjoying the great outdoors. if you happen to be here on a saturday, i would absolutely take a morning stroll around the PSU farmers market. multiple blocks of local produce & small businesses. grab a reusable bag & head out — it will not disappoint!

another great stroll is through the iconic powell’s book store, the largest new & used book store in the world. you don’t even have to make a purchase, but spending some time surrounded by books is certainly good for the soul. you can even trade in your used books for cash or store credit. love this system!

if you are looking for something with no cost, yet still enjoyable, spend a few hours in mt tabor park in SE portland. tons of simple walking trails, shaded areas for lounging or picnicking, and such a tranquil escape from the city. i love that this park is right within the city but feels like you’re many miles away. the best activities in life are free!

wrapping things up for this post — i hope you enjoyed reading and were able to gain insight on how to experience portland in a wholesome way. if you happen to take on any of these activities, let me know over on instagram, it would certainly make me smile. enjoy portland and be well. until next time.

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