hello and happy autumn! i am literally SO excited for fall, i just can’t wait for all the season’s festivities to begin! whenever this cooler rainy season comes around, i always subconsciously start editing my photos a little differently – a little warmer, a little more grainy, and just all around a little more “vibey” if you will. there is just something so appealing to me about a nostalgic film looking photo in the fall! even just typing it out is making me excited!

i am often asked how i achieve my warm and grainy editing style, so i figured it would be beneficial to show you all how to give your photos a grainy film look in just a few easy steps! this tutorial is made for lightroom classic cc on a desktop, but the same rules should apply to lightroom mobile! 


— once you have your photos imported, edit as you normally would, so the photo stays true to you and your style. the first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the tone curves tool and set the point curve to custom. from there add an additional point by clicking in a spot nearer to the bottom of the line. drag the point you just made down a bit to create a deeper black, and then drag the first one (which should already be in the bottom corner) up to create what i like to call the film fade. you can totally play around with this a bit to adjust how much fade you want on your photo. if your photo naturally has a lot of dark blacks and shadows, you should already be starting to notice that film fade look!



— the next thing you’ll want to do is scroll down to the effects tab. the part to focus on here is the grain effect. this part is truly open to adjust however you would like, but my go to is to set the grain amount to about 25, or 30-35 if i’m really feeling moody. i typically set the size to around 30, and the roughness to around 80. the higher size you set your grain to, the grainier (is that a real word?) your image will be. for example here is the photo with grain size 30 and grain size 70. just have fun and play around with the sliders until you find a look that you like!


— at this point, your photo should be looking pretty filmy and pretty grainy! some other things that aren’t necessary, but i like to do is play around with the split toning. this can give your shadows pretty much any color you like. this can really add something in making your photos unique to you! i personally always go with warmer split tone colors like orange and yellow, but you can do whatever works for you! another thing i like to do is go to the clarity slider at the top and slide it to around -10. this just gives the photo a bit of a softer feel, which i think really adds to the imperfect film look, and that’s about it!



below is a little before and after of my edit without grain or tone curves, and then with them. idk about you but the second photo is giving me allll the nostalgic fall feels! i hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and if you try it out on your own photos, tag me on instagram or twitter so i can see them! :) oh and just a little reminder, these tips apply to lightroom mobile as well, so fear not if you don’t have the lightroom classic cc desktop version. :) 

thanks for taking the time to read and support my work, it means the world to me! if you guys want me to write more photography tips like this, please share this one so we can spread the love! until next time, keep on creating!

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