best instagram spots in portland, oregon

hey gals (and guys)! i hope you all are enjoying this chilly autumn weather! i for one have been thriving here in the PNW. not to brag buuuuut, fall here is kind of the best thing ever! :P if you ever want to visit portland, i think fall is the perfect time to see the city and surrounding nature in it’s natural moody habitat! speaking of portland, i often get instagram DM’s, emails, texts, ect. asking me what to do in portland! where to eat, where to go, what to see, and so on! as much as i would love to have the time to play tour guide and give everyone a personalized list, i thought it would be fun to have one right here for you to look at and share with your friends whenever you’d like!

now, i may not be the best person to ask about bars (cause i don’t drink alcohol), coffee shops (cause i don’t like coffee), or restaurants (because well, i’m a vegan gal and can only review vegan things)! but, the one thing i do know a lot about is taking photos, and specifically taking photos that cater to instagram! i know that i personally am ALWAYS struggling to find the best gramworthy spots when i am in new cities and out in the wild, so i thought it’d be fun to put together this post of my top FIVE BEST instagram spots in portland! i took a little day trip around the city and here’s what we’ve got!

mt. tabor

mount tabor is a cute little hill (mountain?) in the middle of portland that not only has pretty views of the city, but also has tons of nature to allow you the chance to disconnect and explore the great outdoors! it is super easily accessible (literally a 15 min drive from downtown), and is a great spot to shoot nature photos without having to go on a crazy hike outside of portland! i have shot here a ton for brands, client shoots, and a whole lot of senior portrait sessions! below are a few different parts of the park…i just love it here!

sunflower fields

the portland sunflower fields! such a hot commodity around the late summer, early fall months! this place is pretty spectacular and i always get tons and tons of messages asking where this spot is! i have been a little hesitant to give out the location for fear of the garden being destroyed or tampered with too much, but i figured hey, everyone should be able to enjoy these beauties, whether you’re planning on taking photos or not! i will put a link to the fields right here. what i love about this place, besides the fact that it is literally gorgeous, is that the women who planted the garden has a little sign out front that says anyone is welcome to take photos and enjoy, and explains how expensive it is to keep the flowers alive. therefor, she has a little donation box for anyone wanting to take photos in the field. i myself gave a $10 donation, and if you visit, i would encourage you to do so as well! these gardens are only about 25 minutes from downtown portland and definitely a photo worthy place. i mean just look at it!

prince coffee

if you’re looking for some quality portland coffee (so i’ve been told) AND some great stroopwafels AND a cute spot for your chai tea latte photo? prince coffee is a must stop coffee shop for you! it is my absolute favorite shop in portland that i stumbled upon a few days after moving here last spring! the environment is super chill and the baristas are oh so friendly. some have even remembered my order — how precious! pictured below is me in my fav corner drinking my fav chai tea. i’m a happy gal! do yourself a favor and give prince coffee a visit next time you’re in town. a wonderful alternative to a chain like starbucks, and it will surely give you some portland hipster feels. :)



i scream, you scream, we all scream for plants! (ok i’ll admit that sounded better in my head) i am such a plant lady at heart and i am so blessed to live in a super green city! but living in a green city is simply not enough for me, because i also have the tendency to fill my home with plants galore! one of my favorite local plant shops is called thicket! an adorable little garden a few minutes away from where i live. once again, a great shopping alternative to bigger chain stores like home depot. not only does thicket have tons of affordable little plants and trinkets for your home, but it’s also incredibly cute — and let’s be honest, if it’s cute and has plants, you will definitely find me there with my camera! if you find yourself in this cute little city garden, i’d be sure to ask the employee working first before taking photos, just to make sure you’re being respectful of other shoppers! but other than that, have fun, run wild, purchase plants!

latourell falls

my final favorite spot to shoot in portland (or near portland, rather) is latourell falls! the PNW is known for it’s luscious greens and plethora of waterfalls, and this one is in my opinion the most easily accessible and also not very touristy! it’s about 40 minutes outside the city driving east into the columbia river gorge and it is a GORGEous drive (see what i did there?)! it’s about a two minute walk from the parking lot down to this waterfall and it is just breathtaking. you may get a little wet from all the mist but it is so worth it! a great place to shoot if you’re craving some nature and don’t want to fly to the nearest icelandic waterfall. :P i always have tons of fun shooting here and i hope you do too!

there ya have it! my top five best places to shoot in portland! i had so much fun running around shooting and putting this together, and i hope you enjoyed following along! let me know if you liked this little instagrammable city guide by leaving me a comment on instagram — i’d love to make more in other cities and destinations! also, if you’re interested in other fun photo and travel tips, sign up for my mailing list below! i can’t wait to educate ya!

until next time, keep on creating!

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